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Favser Bonus Earnings

GOOD NEWS! Whether you are currently a full-time freelancer or “moonlighter”, there is something exciting for everyone. Favser introducing you Favser Bonus Earning structure starting from 01 May 2017 onward (last update on 01 May 2017) aims to maximize your earnings potential!

3 types of bonus earnings: Monthly Bonus, Milestone Bonus and Limited-Time Challenge. Each bonus earnings has different requirement to fulfill by Favser registered freelancer. Now you are able to enjoy the additional REWARD on selling your service and maximize your earning in Favser.


  1. All Favser Bonus Earnings are calculate before Favser’s 20% commission.
  2. All Favser Bonus Earnings calculate based on collected revenue which recognized on the completion date (month)
  3. All Favser Bonus Earnings will be void if freelancer breach Favser’s term of service.
    (Common breach of Favser term of service is but not limit to sharing of personal contact information in Favser platform.)


Monthly Bonus

Favser Bonus Earnings - Monthly Bonus

Favser Monthly Bonus Earnings Table

To achieve Tier 1, 2 and 3, you need to achieve either the minimum requirement – number of completed transactions OR sales revenue within the month. No transactions or sales revenue are allow to bring forward in Favser Monthly Bonus. Favser team will transfer the bonus earnings to your Favser account and send you an official notification via email five days after the previous month if you achieve any of the TIER above. So, please ensure you put our email <support@favser.com> into your email address book to avoid it going to your junk mail.

Example 1: If you completed 20 transactions with sales revenue of RM800 within the same month, you are entitle to TIER 2 monthly bonus earning of RM80 on top of your normal sales revenue.

Example 2: Even if you do not hit the minimum 15 transactions target, you can still entitle TIER 2 monthly bonus earning if your sales revenue is more than RM1,000 within the same month.

Milestone Bonus

Favser Bonus Earnings - Milestone Bonus

Favser Bonus Earnings – Milestone Bonus

Milestone bonus is a lifetime bonus structure. Reward will be give out to Favser registered freelancer if he/she achieve all the requirements on the respective division. Also, please ensure you provide an excellent service to all your buyer as you need 4 stars and above rating to entitle for milestone bonus. Number of transaction and sales revenue will contribute to both monthly and milestone bonus target. We will unlock more division with greater reward soon.

Favser Team will email you an official notification via email everytime you achieve a new division (milestone) and bonus earnings will release into your Favser account 7 days after the previous month end. So, please ensure you put our email <support@favser.com> into your email address book to avoid it going to your junk mail.

Limited-Time Challenge

Limited-time challenge is a one-off campaign that run for 30 to 60 days on a certain requirements set by Favser. The prize, bonus or both will be announce by Favser together with the campaign details on a time to time basis. Limited-time challenge may or may not contribute to monthly or milestone bonus earnings. Stay tune with Favser on limited-time challenge campaign!

Please email us at support@favser.com if you need further clarification and we will get back to you immediately. Kind reminder to all Favser user (buyer and freelancer) to register your mobile number in Favser to avoid communication break down. As always, thank you for your continuous support! Happy Freelancing! Favser Team