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Good Blogs Worth 1000 Sales

Good Blogs Worth 1000 Sales

Good Blogs Worth 1000 Sales – As the internet landscape changes the way consumers interact with brands, many companies are incorporating blogs into their websites. By having their own blogs, they can create content that improves how high they appear in organic search results, while also informing and entertaining website visitors.

But sometimes a blog can feel out of place on a site that’s dedicated to selling products. Unlike service-focused businesses, which may reference a specific type of experience, product-focused businesses need to create stories that showcase particular items. That may be difficult, but it’s not impossible – especially when you use compelling images to help tell your story

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Here’s how to use your blog in an engaging way that helps boost sales:

Make it personal.

If you aren’t recommending products to your customers, you may be missing a valuable opportunity. Research shows that 56% of customers are more likely to buy from sites that offer personalized product recommendations. Research shows that colourful images can be just the inspiration needed for a site visitor to become a customer.

Tell a story.

Storytelling is highly effective in engaging customers. You might find successful online fashion retailer uses photos of models on the go to feature the products it sells. Interspersed with those blog posts are profiles of inspirational people and promotional posts about the company’s fashion collections. Photos of models wearing your products are already very engaging. But if you take the extra step to tell stories about entrepreneurs in the space, you’ll pick up new visitors who may be more inclined to actually make a purchase, and not just window shop.


Offer tips.

Service-focused businesses aren’t the only ones who can generate how-to pieces. If your business sell products that can be incorporated into “how-to” articles (which can be expertly crafted by a Favser’s freelance writer), you can win by connecting with customers who are likely to share them with others. In the long run, that means more people purchasing more of your products.

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June 1, 2017

Do Logo Attract Customers

Do Logo Attract Customers

Do Logo Attract Customers – The difference between a good and bad logo can mean gaining lucrative business or being ignored by potential customers.

Think of great logos: the Apple, the Nike swoosh, the wry Amazon smile. Though extremely simple, they each convey a strong, striking identity. And that’s exactly what you want for your business – something that will catch a potential customer’s eye while conveying the essence of your brand. While you might like to take a stab at designing your logo yourself, it’s best to outsource your brand logo to professional logo designers.

Here are five tips to keep in mind for a good logo:

Simplicity is key.

Make your point like a quick punch. No one wants to look at a logo that is so overly complex that it’s almost impossible to see the basic idea or purpose of your business. Meaning often gets lost in overly ornamental details so, in the conception stages, try to boil your message down to a single, pointed aspect of your brand – and stick to it.

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Evoke your business’ purpose.

Logos often have a subconscious. That is, they evoke the company’s larger premise often without loudly broadcasting it. For instance, Amazon’s arrow slyly shows the movement from “A” to “Z,” indicating the company’s global reach. (The double-duty of the arrow as a smile also projects its proposed emphasis on customer service.) IBM’s logo looks it was printed on a very old printer, indicating both its general market –computers – as well as its historical role in developing early computers. UPS literally embeds the image of a parcel into its logo, but does so with understated lines. Think of the most sellable element of your brand, and begin your logo with this animating principle in mind.

Make it flexible.

A logo design should be “versatile,” meaning it can be subtly altered and still be discernible. You should think of different colours or contexts the logo will appear in – and ensure it makes sense in all of them. Opt for a shape, or total structural look, that can be shrunk or enlarged without damaging legibility.

Aim for timelessness.

Great designs etch themselves in your brain – that’s why they’re easy to remember. For example, you can probably draw the golden arches of McDonald’s in a half-woken stupor. Maintaining the same logo for a long time benefits your company because, with every redesign, you risk alienating customers. Try to avoid obvious design trends and instead opt for something that ensures longevity and timelessness. This allows you to hold onto a design longer and leave a deeper impression on viewers.

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Do your homework.

While you don’t want to be overly trendy, you still need to pay attention to your industry. This entails a bit of preliminary homework before beginning the research and execution of your logo. Are you in an industry that favors simplicity and functionality? Or do you need to be eye-catching and a bit more flashy? A little background work on where you land in the market will help you avoid standing out in a bad way –you don’t want to be too garish or too Spartan, even when being true to your brand. When you’re ready to get started, you can find experts in branding, design, and social media ad on Favser.

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June 1, 2017

Marketing Secrets For Fashion And Beauty Business

Marketing Secrets For Fashion and Beauty Business

Marketing Secrets For Fashion And Beauty Business  – If you’re a small business owner with something beautiful to offer – say you have a clothing boutique, run a beauty salon, or sell your own fragrances or jewelry – you know that the success of your business is founded upon the visibility and prominence your products hold in your target audience’s eye.

The good news for fashion and beauty business owner is that the digital era has fundamentally changed the landscape of both industries in favor of indie efforts and local appeal. Small business owners stand to benefit the most from using digital marketing strategies in social media and branding to convert viewers of beauty into purchasers of products.

Here’s how fashion and beauty business owners can use digital trends to their advantage:

Think about your target audience.

Are you marketing to Millennial, or are your customers mostly baby boomers? This will help you choose which digital platforms you should invest in. Instagram is incredibly popular among the 35-and-under crowd; while a carefully constructed email campaign will help you win over older customers.

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Consider how the features of various platforms shape their functions.

Instagram is perfect for showcasing curated content:

  • Use Instagram to highlight how your products work seamlessly as part of a larger, desirable lifestyle.
  • Position your products in photos – whether it’s a tube of lipstick, a necklace, or a bright nail polish – as the small but crucial detail needed to complete your target audience’s idealized life.

Video, be it a DIY tutorial or live stream, instantly creates emotional connections between you and your consumers:

  • YouTube is a great platform for producing tutorials that show your target audience how to use or style your products.
  • Live video streaming, such as on Instagram or Facebook Live, gives your customers an intimate look at your business. Use live video for unveiling new products, or going behind the scenes at your store.

Consider how you can use the power of digital to shape your brand identity.

  • Make sure to customize your social media designs so that your platforms stand out from the competition.
  • Create quality content for your blog, product description, promotion content and more to attract your customer. Plus, Google love good content.
  • Understand your brand and boost your business by creating brand consistency across all of your social media platforms.
  • Give your website a makeover by improving the look of your landing page and making sure that it incorporates mobile-responsive designs.

Are you a fashion and beauty business owner with a digital success story? How do you like to engage with your favorite fashion and beauty business?

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June 1, 2017

Top 4 Hacks to Make Your Business Stands Out

Top 4 hacks to make your business stands out

TOP 4 HACKS TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS STANDS OUT – Starting your own business demands that you learn how to grab people’s attention and be the center of the conversation. You are your company’s most powerful spokesperson, so shying away from opportunities to promote your business is not an option.

Whether you are a natural at working the room, or you tend to be a wallflower, getting the right attention for your business can often pose a challenge. Where do you start? Who do you speak to? What does “good” attention look like?

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Here are a few hacks to help you get started.

Join the Conversation

Twitter is a powerful tool for promoting your business, and if you’re not maximizing its PR potential then you’re missing out. However, businesses in Southeast Asia don’t really active in Twitter. Often, on Twitter, getting attention can be as simple as participating in the conversations that are happening around you. Instead of tweeting into the void, jump into these most popular twitter chats for entrepreneurs and get noticed by being an active participant.

Catch People’s Eyes

You know that branding is important, but if you don’t have a stunning and memorable logo, then nobody will remember you. Designing a logo is no easy task, but it’s crucial to do before you go and try to get attention so that you can easily stick in people’s memories. Hire professional to design a logo that will capture people’s attention will be your important business investment.


Don’t Waste Your Resources

One of the first things many entrepreneurs do when they want to get attention both from the media and potential customers is hire a PR firm to manage their outreach efforts. Not only is this often a waste of money for many businesses that are just starting out, but may also be a waste of time. That time could be better spent on more effective attention-grabbing strategies like content marketing on your social media platform. Check out this article on why content marketing is important.

Cover Your Bases

Gaining attention doesn’t rely on a single effort; it’s a multi-pronged strategy that should cover a range of media and off-line channels. If you feel that you need a bit more of an edge in your attempts to attract attention, check out these articles that can work for any small business or entrepreneur.

How do you get attention for your business? Tell us in the comments below.

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May 30, 2017

How to Make the Jump to Full Time Freelancer in Southeast Asia

How to make the jump to full time freelancer

How to Make the Jump to Full Time Freelancer in Southeast Asia – As a freelancer, you know the benefits of working on your own schedule, and on projects you’re passionate about. If you’re already freelancing part time and considering a transition to a full time freelancer, you’re in luck because opportunities are more abundant than ever.

The change from side work to full-time freelancing can be challenging, but solid preparation of finances, networking and marketing can give you an advantage.

Set up and manage your finances

Some full time freelancers may save six months’ to a year’s worth of income before quitting their full time jobs. This is to avoid stress in case it takes some time to get your freelancing career off the ground. Even seasoned freelancers may experience dry spells depending on their clients’ needs and the market, so socking money away is wise even when you have steady work.


Determine your pricing

Pricing structures for freelancers are never one-size-fits-all, and factors such as experience, project tasks, scope and time all contribute to how much you should be charging. Since your aim is to make as much or more money than you earned for your full time job, it’s essential to price accordingly.

Build your portfolio

Before you make the leap, create a website with a dedicated domain that matches your name or brand. This way you’ll have somewhere to point clients. Set it up yourself with WIX, or WordPress, or pay a professional to design it for you. Display contact information, areas of specialty and any examples of your work and credibility.

Find your ideal workspace

Working in a home office is ideal for some full time freelancers. They can prepare dinner during a mid-day break, take the dog for a walk when he gets restless and be closer to young kids. Others, however, may need to get out of the house to be productive.

If you find that being a full time freelancer is isolating, a co-working space like WORQ might work well for you. Interact and get inspired by other freelancers and artists.

Libraries, coffee shops and anywhere with Wi-Fi can become your new office. Your surroundings can either maximize your productivity or diminish it. Find your ideal conditions.

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Market yourself

After you’ve set up your finances, your online presence and your workspace, let your network know your plans and what type of work you’re looking for.

Send a note to those in your LinkedIn network, tell your friends, make an announcement on Twitter, and get some business cards printed so you can easily hand them out to relevant new contacts.

Join a freelancing platform that is matched up with your area of expertise. You may reach out to a recruiter who can interview you and learn your strengths, then send you freelance work opportunities that match up.

Create a list of the top industries and companies you want to work for, then reach out to them. Tell them about the type of work you do. Every person you meet, from your cab driver to the other parents at your children’s school, can be potential new leads in attracting work.

Attend events — such as networking parties or conferences related to your industry — to make connections with other professionals who might be future referrals. Meeting with others allows you to add an important social aspect to your job, gain valuable advice and build relationships with mentors and peers.

Turn existing work into referrals

Every job is the chance to get a future referral. Even if you’re not thrilled with the project and eventually decide the client isn’t a good fit for you, you’ll still want to retain their respect in case your relationship leads to future business.

Stay on top of technology trends and educate yourself about developments in your field. You’ll be able to make better recommendations to clients and turn in up-to-date, impressive work. This leads to more work for you, and when you want to raise your rates in a year, you’ll be viewed as more deserving.

Being a full time freelancer can help you achieve the work-life balance you want, allow you to find projects you love and become a stronger professional as a result. By being prepared, you set yourself up for success and can better navigate challenges you may face.

Want to learn more about how to kick-start your full time freelance career? Check out these additional resources for freelancers.


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May 30, 2017

Freelance Services For Startups and Small Medium Businesses

Freelance services for startup and small medium business (Favser Blog)

Freelance services for startups and small medium businesses – The biggest question of running a startup or small medium business is how to kickstart and grow your business with limited budget and resources. Freelance services marketplace like Favser will be a perfect place to start and grow your business by outsourcing works to professional at lower cost.

Favser provided pre-package freelance services including Graphic Design, Content Writing, Translation Services and Website Development and More freelance services to cater your everyday business needs. All freelancer services starting from RM15 to RM1,000 and clients expected to receive completed work within 14 days or less.

The whole buying process is similar to purchasing a product online; the only difference is Favser provide more useful tools such as built-in messenger, search engine, 24-hour payment security and support team to ensure that you have an excellent working experience with our trusty freelancers.

Register now and order freelance services instantly. Do check out our Favser Business Subscription Plan to enjoy additional 20% instant rebate and premium support.

Find The Right Freelancer
How can I know whether I am getting the right freelancer for my project. You can access full information like star ratings, customer review, order in queue, number of revision offered to help you find the right freelancer. Everything can be done with your computer or mobile phone. We save your time, so you can focus on your business.

Save Cost Efficiently
Hiring a full-time designer or an agency is definitely more worth it if your creative needs are heavy. However, for many start-up or small businesses, a full-time designer may not necessarily be required. Hiring a freelance designer on a project basis at Favser will make more sense, financially. This also applies if you plan to hire full time writers, translators and web designer as well. If you are determined to do everything on your own, consider this – no professional work has ever been done using free tools. So, why invest so much on expensive tool or software that will be used only once when you can hire a professional freelancer at a much lower cost? Now, that is something to think about.

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Use Your Time Effectively
Instead of doing everything yourself, you should spend the same amount of time doing what you do best for your own company. In Favser, you can buy a logo design from RM100, 500 words of blog writing from RM50 and other freelance services at a budget-friendly price. You can even communicate and make payment to freelancers without stepping away from your workstation. All these can be done thanks to Favser’s Built-In system, where all you will need is a computer and an internet connection. It cannot get any more convenient than that. Focus on the more important stuff and feel free to outsource the rest.

Get the Job Done or Get Your Money Back
What if the freelancer turns out to be unreliable and disappears without a trace along with your payment in hand? Have no fear, Favser take client’s payment security as top priority. Favser only release full payment to the assigned freelancer once you have given final approval for the requested service. We vow to safeguard your payment until you receive your final work and are satisfied with it.

Official Invoice and Receipt (BONUS)
Unlike offline freelancers, client can always request for an official invoice and receipt from Favser. You should always ask for receipt for taxation purpose regardless of your business size.

Please drop us a message at or call/whatssap us via +60 18-271 4290 if you need any guidance to order a service or you need more information. Favser team is super friendly and we always revert to your inquiry fast!

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For freelancers, Favser aims to provide an “E-commerce experience” that empowers all freelancers, locally and globally, to package their skills as a product offering. Favser is not just a marketplace for freelancers. It is a meeting hub for freelancers where opportunity, support, and tools are provided in order to turn their talent into sales.

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May 8, 2017

Essential Tools And Knowledge To Be A Successful Freelancer

Essential Tools And Knowledge To Be A Successful Freelancer

Essential tools and knowledge to be a successful freelancer – Research shows that by 2020, 50% of workforce will be freelancing on their expertise. Many thanks to today’s technology, freelancers will be able to work for their own with more flexibility without reporting through the traditional method.

After identifying your expertise (e.g. designing, editing, writing, etc.) you will need to ensure that it is good enough to be provide to people as that expertise will be the income generator. Remember that in some point, freelancers will need to manage more than one task.

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Firstly, you will need to prepare your portfolio that outlines your expertise and showcasing your previous works. A good and professional portfolio will attract more clients from engaging with you. Furthermore, to make it more professional and more attractive, freelancers can create their own website with minimal costs by always uploading their past work and it works as a gallery for clients to browse through.

Secondly, it will be good to get familiar on using digital calendar for writing down the new task and not neglecting the deadline of delivery. This method will be good to monitor the progresses of task to be more efficient and effective. Clients will be more than happy to receive their required services before the dateline. Therefore, a happy client will always remember excellent service of freelancer and may create the returning business opportunity in future.

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Thirdly, being an online creative service freelancers, there will be numerous number of documents to be saved and manage. These will include the numerous version of the tasks, communications and other documents that may be relevant. So, it will be worthy to get use to cloud based storage or other professional cloud document management storage service provider.

Fourthly, it will be a plus point to keep all documents in a safe environment or storage. There are several permanent storage providers in the market, so it is better to store old and relevant tasks in it to prevent it from missing when clients lost their copy.

Last but not least, always keep track on the earnings that are made thru different medium (e.g. social media, marketplace, referrals and etc.) With proper record, freelancers can identify which medium is the main income generator so freelancers can put more attention on that medium to prevent any miscommunication, missing order and delay of delivery.

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Now Everyone Can Become An Online Freelancer

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May 8, 2017

Freelancers Is The Prominent Workforce For Startups And Small Medium Businesses

Freelancers is the prominent workforce for startups and small medium businesses

Freelancers is the prominent workforce for startups and small medium businesses – The growth of startup and small medium businesses has been growing significantly in the recent years. However, one of the biggest concern that lead to the endless nightmare for these businesses is to keep the budget under control.

Startups and new businesses are always investing in enhancement and development even there is no stable income. So, the best way to source for expertise without spending too much money is to look for freelancers.

Looking for freelancers typically means that outsourcing task to external individuals that are usually working on single task basis. Research also shows that the number of freelancers will grow to 1/3 of US workforce by 2020 and in the past year freelance workforce earn more than 1 trillion USD.

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So, how to freelancers play a notable role for startups and small medium businesses?

  1. Freelancers can work on a single task basis, so long term commitment can be avoided
  2. Freelancers can charge on a cheaper rate compare to agencies
  3. Risks reduced of underperforming employee which are bind by employment contract
  4. Freelancers can be more innovative and creative as this increases efficiency of work
  5. Enables businesses to focus on growing businesses with more spare cash rather than employment commitment.

So, how do startups and small medium businesses begin their outsourcing journey?

  1. Browse and look for the right freelancers
  2. Check their credibility and reviews
  3. Order and communicate expectations
  4. Completion and delivery

From these above, it shows that looking for freelancers does not seem to be complicated and it helps in lowering costs and notifiable results by startups and small medium businesses. Favser can be the right place to look for freelancers and it is the right time to begin your Favser journey today!

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May 8, 2017

Building Your Business Online And Offline

Building Your Business Online and Offline

Building your business online and offline – So you’ve decided to start an online business. One of the most important things to think about is how you’ll connect with customers. Some endeavours just make sense for the digital space. For instance, if you’re selling fashionable knit caps or hand-crafted wedding invitations, it may be easy to simply sell those things through a website or online store. Same if you’re starting a graphic design company. However, it’s completely possible that these business ideas and others can become more engaging in actual, physical spaces. It’s all about what works for your concept and your budget.

Running Your Business Online

Let’s say you’re running a small catering company. Chances are you’re usually serving your food at events like a weddings and graduation parties, meaning there’s probably not a need to work in an owned space like a restaurant or public kitchen. In addition, you may be able to prepare your food in your own home kitchen, meaning you don’t have to rent out a larger space. While there are benefits (which we’ll get to in a minute), there are many reasons why conducting business online makes the most sense.

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In this situation, working from your home allows you to save money and be more efficient. If you open a space, you have to worry about rent, utilities, insurance, staff, and decor. All of these things will reduce your bottom line. And remember, online shopping is massively popular and allows you to draw people in no matter what time it is or where they’re located.

Running your business online allows you to have a more varied inventory. Let’s say you make beautiful custom knit clothing items out of organic wool. If all you can afford is a small storefront, you may not be able to best show off all you have to offer. Establishing an online presence allows you to forego the restrictions of storefront space and display everything you off to hover. In addition, when you work around these costs, you have the added benefit of passing along that savings to your customers, which in turns helps you attract new business.

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And remember that even if you mostly operate online, you can set up shop at temporary spaces where you can share you work. For instance, if you’re a caterer you may want to set up shop at a food festival or farmer’s’ market and offer tastes of your specialities.

Establishing a Brick & Mortar Presence

Yes, there are many great things about establishing a business online. And there are an infinite number of good things about being able to connect with a business or make purchases online — just ask anyone who has bought a pair of shoes online at 2 a.m. That being said, there are benefits to establishing a brick and mortar location.

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There’s no getting around the fact that renting out a space and caring for it costs money. That being said, having a storefront where people can stop by and physically experience what you have to offer can be hugely helpful. A good location in particular can earn your foot traffic and the kinds of visitors you can’t get simply by being online. And if you have a physical space, you’re able to build your brand a bit more, through everything from decor and tone to holding events and functions that can bring together a community of likeminded individuals.

In the end, it’s all about what works for you. An online presence will almost always be less expensive, but there are certain benefits to having a brick and mortar location that may be appealing, as long as you have the funds to put into it. You may also consider setting up a pop up shop for your predominantly online business, to get the best of both worlds on a tighter budget.

What is your thought on starting up a business? Share with us in the comments below.

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Now Everyone Can Become An Online Freelancer

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May 4, 2017

Top 3 Hacks To Market Your Business Online


Top 3 Hacks To Market Your Business Online – Effectively marketing your business online is the key to success. Advances in technology have made it easier, but it’s not just about SEO or having a good-looking website. These days, it’s imperative to think outside the box.

Marketing your online business is no different; sometimes it’s simply a matter of hard work and desire. Here are three super hacks you can market your business online and achieve growth and success:

First Up: Focus on Your Buyers

Marketing your online business is not always about what you think the benefits of your service are, or what you feel you can do for your buyers. This type of approach is often short-sighted and likely won’t resonate with your customers.

To really engage with your buyers, consider a more personalized approach that focuses on them. Think about how to talk to them directly and let them know that you’re listening to what they have to say and responding to what they need.

For example, you can:

Make an effort to personalize your product or service to them. Before you provide your products or services, ask your customers about themselves, and then customize based on their interests and needs.

Utilize social media to talk to your customers directly and hear their praise or complaints, which you can then either encourage or address depending on how they feel.

Use surveys to not only get your customers’ feedback, but to include rewards and other incentives—such as a special offer or discount on your site when they complete the survey.

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Research backs all of these up, with 56% of customers saying they’re more likely to buy something with a personalized experience and 45% of online customers more likely to buy from sites offering personalized product recommendations.

Reward Your Clients

Growing your business is not always about new customers. The path to online success often lies with the customers you already have. Consider rewarding these customers by providing product offers and discounts, offering online promotions and specials that will help excite and stimulate your customers to purchase more of your product. Also, it will be great to give “loyalty points” for customers who purchase on a regular basis, giving away free items with multiple purchases and offering your customers discounts for referring you to other customers online

Providing percentage-based discounts for large volume purchases.

Post High-Quality Content Frequently

There are some great content marketing techniques you can use to help grow your business. The importance of high-quality content for today’s marketer cannot be overstated—it’s an opportunity for you to truly convey your brand’s personality and build trust and confidence with your customers.

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Unlike simply pitching your products and services, good content marketing has the power to attract and retain customers, and ultimately drive them to want what you have to offer. When you create content that’s interesting, helpful, and informative, people will view you as a thought leader in your industry, and you’ll have the opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of your leads more than you imagined. Whole Foods, for example, offers valuable articles on how to eat healthily and save money at the same time, and as a result, they’ve been able to attract new customers and create lasting connections with their audience.

We strongly recommend you to publish good articles on a regular basis. This will help strengthen your brand and keep the search engines stopping by. Your content could be in the form of weekly or even daily social media posts, or a monthly newsletter with announcements, discounts, or any other relevant content that will keep your users engaged.

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So What Is the Secret?

With the business world and landscape changing so rapidly, there is no ‘secret’ for online marketing success today. But by utilizing the methods above, and by checking out the wealth of digital marketing services that Favser has to offer, you can learn how to create meaningful and relevant connections with your clients, provide visibility and recognition for your company, and help pave the way for long-term success.

What tips do you have for marketing a new business online? Share with us in the comments below.

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Now Everyone Can Become An Online Freelancer

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April 17, 2017

Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan


Content Marketing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan – Content marketing offers value to customers in a way unlike ever before. Different than traditional advertising, content marketing has transformed the way businesses interact with customers primarily thanks to social media and email marketing.

Brands and businesses are able to more easily communicate with their audiences while simultaneously strengthening their brand reputation. And just when you think it sounds too good to be true, consider the value that content marketing can offer you in terms of SEO.

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It’s vital to create strong content that speaks to your target audience and delivers value to your social media, email marketing and overall brand efforts. Trusting in expert writers can help you achieve this, along with understanding the following tips in an effort to create the most dynamic, worth wild content for your business possible.

Content Marketing Helps You Better Understand Your Customers

When you share content via social media, email marketing or any other avenue that may work for your business, your end goal should be to share something that your target audience will either learn from or react to… or both. Often, this will mean they will reply with their own thoughts directly via social media.

Other times it may mean they will share their thoughts with a comment directly on your blog or website. Either way, you are now connecting with customers in a way you could not do without content marketing. Use this as an opportunity to engage with them, listen to them and ultimately, to respond to them with more content marketing or other business efforts that can help you strengthen your overall brand.

Content Marketing Allows You to Strengthen Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness should always be top of mind as you build and grow your business, which is yet another reason why content marketing is so valuable. When you create strong content, you also create an audience that looks forward to reading it. This growth increases over time, particularly when you are updating content often.

Additionally, strong content opens up the opportunity to gain email addresses from those looking to be on your subscription newsletter list. Email addresses is the best source for your social media marketing.

The main takeaway here, however, is that content can help strengthen brand visibility… so it’s important to deliver content often and content that adds value to your brand, business and customers for consistent recognition in an undoubtedly competitive marketplace.

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Content Marketing Strengthens Your SEO

Who doesn’t want stronger ranking among search engines? Nowadays, content is one of the top ways to gain this type of quality placement within SEO. The best part is that when you consistently deliver strong content, your SEO ranking increases and more often positions you to be seen among those looking for your type of expertise or business.

Make sure you do not just load up articles with buzz words, however, and think that will do the trick. Instead, take the time to create engaging content that provokes social media shares, countless page clicks and interaction in general. This will also help your SEO success.

Content Marketing Keeps You Relevant

Being relevant in today’s saturated marketplace of freelancers and small business owners is absolutely vital in keeping your brand and business successful. Strong logos, stellar customer service, outstanding products and services and more will all help your brand find profit and success – yet content marketing is what will keep your business top of mind among customers, deliver value to new and existing consumers alike and open up an avenue of communication for you to engage and interact with customers.

Combined with the value content can offer you in terms of SEO, you have no excuse to overlook content marketing for your business. In fact – not loving to write isn’t even an excuse thanks to freelance writers, making it easy to begin your content marketing right away. After all, it’s consistency that will really help build that relevance we all hope to achieve.

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April 17, 2017

How Favser Helps Malaysia Startups and Small Business Grow

How Favser Helps Malaysia Startups Grow

How Favser Helps Malaysia Startups and Small Business Grow – As a startup founder or small business owner, there is nothing more important than raising your brand awareness and hopefully reach your targeted customer. However, there is one concern that put them into many sleepless nights: how to grow your business within a limited budget and resources.

Hiring a full-time employee or agency might be costly and put you into a long-term commitment. Getting a short term or one-off arrangement freelance service might make more sense as it’s more flexible and it cost less. Also, outsourcing increase efficiency and helps your business grow faster. As a startup founder, it’s unlikely that you’re an expert in everything, so stop trying to do everything. Outsourcing lets you fill the gaps by hiring freelancers who are experts in the key tasks you need, so you can focus on what you do best.  Creating new products, developing your service, improving your scalability are something worth your time. Writing a business blog, translate your product article, or designing an advertisement are not.

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If you decided to outsource, here is how Favser going to help your business grow.

Browse, compare and order with just few clicks
You no longer have to spend hours to look around for freelancer, or worry about quotation, or even going thru a complicated hiring process. Favser’s marketplace listed with various kinds of Services with descriptions (so you know what you will be getting), fixed selling price, completion period and customer reviews. You can find your freelance services by category or keywords, compare services and freelancer’s portfolio instantly, and order it within few clicks. It works like any e-commerce store –easier, faster and safer.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t get the work as per advertised, we refund the full payment to you without any question. Favser hold the full payment and only release to freelancer after he or she deliver the work to client as per advertised in their Service list.
*Please note that client is not allows to cancel or reject the work based on personal taste.

Find the right freelancer
In Favser, you can access to all information instantly to help you find the right person to outsource to. Whittle down the people you found to the ones you want to work with by looking at their star ratings, number of review received, number of order in queue or number of revision offered.

Get the work done without stepping out your house
Once you order the service from freelancer, you can discuss, request for modification and receive your work thru Favser Messenger. Everything can be done with your computer or mobile phone. We save your time, so you can focus on your business.

Official Invoice and Receipt
Freelancer that operate their business offline might not able to produce a valid invoice for client. In Favser, client can always request for an official invoice and receipt from us.

Final Word
As you can see, outsourcing is a viable options for startups and small businesses, helping them to keep costs under control and, as result, invest more in business. Is time to think about what you can outsource so you can focus on growing your business.

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March 10, 2017
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