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Freelance Services For Startups and Small Medium Businesses

Freelance services for startup and small medium business (Favser Blog)

Freelance services for startups and small medium businesses – The biggest question of running a startup or small medium business is how to kickstart and grow your business with limited budget and resources. Freelance services marketplace like Favser will be a perfect place to start and grow your business by outsourcing works to professional at lower cost.

Favser provided pre-package freelance services including Graphic Design, Content Writing, Translation Services and Website Development and More freelance services to cater your everyday business needs. All freelancer services starting from RM15 to RM1,000 and clients expected to receive completed work within 14 days or less.

The whole buying process is similar to purchasing a product online; the only difference is Favser provide more useful tools such as built-in messenger, search engine, 24-hour payment security and support team to ensure that you have an excellent working experience with our trusty freelancers.

Register now and order freelance services instantly. Do check out our Favser Business Subscription Plan to enjoy additional 20% instant rebate and premium support.

Find The Right Freelancer
How can I know whether I am getting the right freelancer for my project. You can access full information like star ratings, customer review, order in queue, number of revision offered to help you find the right freelancer. Everything can be done with your computer or mobile phone. We save your time, so you can focus on your business.

Save Cost Efficiently
Hiring a full-time designer or an agency is definitely more worth it if your creative needs are heavy. However, for many start-up or small businesses, a full-time designer may not necessarily be required. Hiring a freelance designer on a project basis at Favser will make more sense, financially. This also applies if you plan to hire full time writers, translators and web designer as well. If you are determined to do everything on your own, consider this – no professional work has ever been done using free tools. So, why invest so much on expensive tool or software that will be used only once when you can hire a professional freelancer at a much lower cost? Now, that is something to think about.

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Use Your Time Effectively
Instead of doing everything yourself, you should spend the same amount of time doing what you do best for your own company. In Favser, you can buy a logo design from RM100, 500 words of blog writing from RM50 and other freelance services at a budget-friendly price. You can even communicate and make payment to freelancers without stepping away from your workstation. All these can be done thanks to Favser’s Built-In system, where all you will need is a computer and an internet connection. It cannot get any more convenient than that. Focus on the more important stuff and feel free to outsource the rest.

Get the Job Done or Get Your Money Back
What if the freelancer turns out to be unreliable and disappears without a trace along with your payment in hand? Have no fear, Favser take client’s payment security as top priority. Favser only release full payment to the assigned freelancer once you have given final approval for the requested service. We vow to safeguard your payment until you receive your final work and are satisfied with it.

Official Invoice and Receipt (BONUS)
Unlike offline freelancers, client can always request for an official invoice and receipt from Favser. You should always ask for receipt for taxation purpose regardless of your business size.

Please drop us a message at or call/whatssap us via +60 18-271 4290 if you need any guidance to order a service or you need more information. Favser team is super friendly and we always revert to your inquiry fast!

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For freelancers, Favser aims to provide an “E-commerce experience” that empowers all freelancers, locally and globally, to package their skills as a product offering. Favser is not just a marketplace for freelancers. It is a meeting hub for freelancers where opportunity, support, and tools are provided in order to turn their talent into sales.

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May 8, 2017