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How to Make the Jump to Full Time Freelancer in Southeast Asia

How to make the jump to full time freelancer

How to Make the Jump to Full Time Freelancer in Southeast Asia – As a freelancer, you know the benefits of working on your own schedule, and on projects you’re passionate about. If you’re already freelancing part time and considering a transition to a full time freelancer, you’re in luck because opportunities are more abundant than ever.

The change from side work to full-time freelancing can be challenging, but solid preparation of finances, networking and marketing can give you an advantage.

Set up and manage your finances

Some full time freelancers may save six months’ to a year’s worth of income before quitting their full time jobs. This is to avoid stress in case it takes some time to get your freelancing career off the ground. Even seasoned freelancers may experience dry spells depending on their clients’ needs and the market, so socking money away is wise even when you have steady work.


Determine your pricing

Pricing structures for freelancers are never one-size-fits-all, and factors such as experience, project tasks, scope and time all contribute to how much you should be charging. Since your aim is to make as much or more money than you earned for your full time job, it’s essential to price accordingly.

Build your portfolio

Before you make the leap, create a website with a dedicated domain that matches your name or brand. This way you’ll have somewhere to point clients. Set it up yourself with WIX, or WordPress, or pay a professional to design it for you. Display contact information, areas of specialty and any examples of your work and credibility.

Find your ideal workspace

Working in a home office is ideal for some full time freelancers. They can prepare dinner during a mid-day break, take the dog for a walk when he gets restless and be closer to young kids. Others, however, may need to get out of the house to be productive.

If you find that being a full time freelancer is isolating, a co-working space like WORQ might work well for you. Interact and get inspired by other freelancers and artists.

Libraries, coffee shops and anywhere with Wi-Fi can become your new office. Your surroundings can either maximize your productivity or diminish it. Find your ideal conditions.

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Market yourself

After you’ve set up your finances, your online presence and your workspace, let your network know your plans and what type of work you’re looking for.

Send a note to those in your LinkedIn network, tell your friends, make an announcement on Twitter, and get some business cards printed so you can easily hand them out to relevant new contacts.

Join a freelancing platform that is matched up with your area of expertise. You may reach out to a recruiter who can interview you and learn your strengths, then send you freelance work opportunities that match up.

Create a list of the top industries and companies you want to work for, then reach out to them. Tell them about the type of work you do. Every person you meet, from your cab driver to the other parents at your children’s school, can be potential new leads in attracting work.

Attend events — such as networking parties or conferences related to your industry — to make connections with other professionals who might be future referrals. Meeting with others allows you to add an important social aspect to your job, gain valuable advice and build relationships with mentors and peers.

Turn existing work into referrals

Every job is the chance to get a future referral. Even if you’re not thrilled with the project and eventually decide the client isn’t a good fit for you, you’ll still want to retain their respect in case your relationship leads to future business.

Stay on top of technology trends and educate yourself about developments in your field. You’ll be able to make better recommendations to clients and turn in up-to-date, impressive work. This leads to more work for you, and when you want to raise your rates in a year, you’ll be viewed as more deserving.

Being a full time freelancer can help you achieve the work-life balance you want, allow you to find projects you love and become a stronger professional as a result. By being prepared, you set yourself up for success and can better navigate challenges you may face.

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May 30, 2017