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Marketing Secrets For Fashion And Beauty Business

Marketing Secrets For Fashion and Beauty Business

Marketing Secrets For Fashion And Beauty Business  – If you’re a small business owner with something beautiful to offer – say you have a clothing boutique, run a beauty salon, or sell your own fragrances or jewelry – you know that the success of your business is founded upon the visibility and prominence your products hold in your target audience’s eye.

The good news for fashion and beauty business owner is that the digital era has fundamentally changed the landscape of both industries in favor of indie efforts and local appeal. Small business owners stand to benefit the most from using digital marketing strategies in social media and branding to convert viewers of beauty into purchasers of products.

Here’s how fashion and beauty business owners can use digital trends to their advantage:

Think about your target audience.

Are you marketing to Millennial, or are your customers mostly baby boomers? This will help you choose which digital platforms you should invest in. Instagram is incredibly popular among the 35-and-under crowd; while a carefully constructed email campaign will help you win over older customers.

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Consider how the features of various platforms shape their functions.

Instagram is perfect for showcasing curated content:

  • Use Instagram to highlight how your products work seamlessly as part of a larger, desirable lifestyle.
  • Position your products in photos – whether it’s a tube of lipstick, a necklace, or a bright nail polish – as the small but crucial detail needed to complete your target audience’s idealized life.

Video, be it a DIY tutorial or live stream, instantly creates emotional connections between you and your consumers:

  • YouTube is a great platform for producing tutorials that show your target audience how to use or style your products.
  • Live video streaming, such as on Instagram or Facebook Live, gives your customers an intimate look at your business. Use live video for unveiling new products, or going behind the scenes at your store.

Consider how you can use the power of digital to shape your brand identity.

  • Make sure to customize your social media designs so that your platforms stand out from the competition.
  • Create quality content for your blog, product description, promotion content and more to attract your customer. Plus, Google love good content.
  • Understand your brand and boost your business by creating brand consistency across all of your social media platforms.
  • Give your website a makeover by improving the look of your landing page and making sure that it incorporates mobile-responsive designs.

Are you a fashion and beauty business owner with a digital success story? How do you like to engage with your favorite fashion and beauty business?

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June 1, 2017